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“Let Your Pet Vacation With Us, When He Can’t Vacation With You”

OUR MISSION is to provide the best possible care for your pets so you can relax and know that you need not worry about your pets when you leave them with us.

OUR GOAL is to constantly improve our facilities and care standards to provide a worry-free atmosphere for our client-owners.

OUR ATTITUDE is to consider our clients’ pets as our own pets while they are with us (and throughout their lifetimes).

Belle Creek Kennels is a family owned business whose vocation is other people’s pets and whose avocation is our pets. We’ve entered the pet care industry because pet care is what we want to do.

We also provide jobs for community youth who also want to work with animals, among the past employees are a veterinarian, a veterinarian technician, a teacher, and a cowgirl, as well as numerous non-animal related professionals.

As a Small Local Business Belle Creek Kennels provides to its community boarding of all breeds of cats and dogs and many species of pets, grooming of all breeds of dogs and cats, as well as pocket pets and exotics; we offer many types of training; show, obedience, Canine Good Citizen, S.T.A.R. Puppy, in-kennel and behavior counseling, an opportunity to have their dogs taken care of during long days away from home, and tattooed for identification and to meet local licensing requirements. We may be small but we offer a lot to our community, from pet services to employment opportunities and work ethics development of our youthful employees.

Professional Affiliations

Michigan Association for Purebred Dogs (MAPBD)
Michigan Association for Pure Bred Dogs is an association of individual and dog clubs who are very concerned about the welfare of dogs and the rights of dog owners in Michigan.

We are not an “Animal Rights” group, but a dog owners’ rights group.    We are concerned about the hunter’s right to own a hunting dog, the right of every dog owner to buy homeowner’s insurance despite what breed of dog lives in that home.  We do not want to see breed specific dog laws or laws that allow any citizen to shoot your dog if he gets loose or shelter’s to spay/neuter a show dog who is intact.

Great Dane Club of America (GDCA)
The Great Dane Club of America is the national club which looks out for the welfare and development of the Great Dane by enforcing the Code of Ethics, researching many diseases which are common to this much-loved breed.

Wolverine Great Dane Club of Western Michigan is the regional breed club is an affiliate of the parent club.  We hold two Specialty Dog Shows and various educational events each year.
Great Dane Club of Western New York
Great Dane Club of Western New York is an affiliation because of the dogs we’ve owned and shown in that region.  The associations with more Great Dane owner is also useful when someone needs more information about the breed. 
Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
The Association of Pet Dog Trainers is a professional association of trainers which brings in the top national and international trainers to educate trainers in the newest and most effective pet dog training methods.
Volunteer Facility Accreditation (VFA)  
Better Business Bureau (BBB)  
Michigan Chamber of Commerce