Belle Creek Kennels

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Other Services


An individual session with staff where your pet gets to walk, run, play games, or just sit and cuddle for a private session (unless you request family members play together).


Enjoy one-stop-shop convenience and pick-up pet food, leashes, collars, toys, treats, or grooming essentials. Plus we make Christmas gift shopping a breeze.


Although we do not usually have “rescue” dogs available on the grounds, we do work with several local rescue groups and can usually help you find a dog, puppy, cat or kitten to adopt.

Pet Transportation

By appointment, Belle Creek Kennels will pick-up or deliver your pet to your home, our facility, or the airport. Airline crates and shipping are available.

We will arrange and facilitate relocation of your pet to make your "household move" much easier. (Domestic or international.)

free giftsPet Tattooing

Authorized agent with Ta-Too-a-Pet, we can tattoo identification information and register your pet’s tattoo to help ensure the return of a lost friend and help meet certain local licensing requirements.

Daily Dental

We will brush your cat or dogs teeth each day and send a pet toothbrush home with you.

Behavior Consultation

Meet with us to receive consultation to help you with unacceptable pet behavior.

Bedtime Stories

For a nominal fee we will read a story to your pet and make sure he/she is "tucked in" safely for the night.